Device Friendly Upgrade

We've moved into present day...took us a while..

A much needed overhaul of the site was undertaken over the past few weeks to bring us into the modern era. New design, updated resources and more articles were all on the agenda.

Since our last upgrade Background Checks have become the norm and not the exception..

The design includes a flexible approach so no matter what device you are on you will have a clearer view. Smartphones, tablets, your work pc or laptop, it transitions seamlessly so you can continue your research from anywhere.

All checks and records sources were validated to ensure you were kept up to date with the latest options available. A series of new checks were added, along with a few new categories. Criminal Records was changed to Police Checks as part of this process.

New articles have been added, with more of both articles and resources on the way.

We are also getting social and have just created our Facebook page.

As you can see there’s a lot changing around here. We hope you like the upgrades and be sure to bookmark us for future reference.