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Screening may be used to verify the identity, background and honesty of people.

Records direct from the Source

Bankruptcy Checks

Search insolvency records.

Driving History

For employment involving driving.

Right to Work

Eligibility for employment in Australia.

Business & Company Checks

Discover business interests and records.

Electoral Roll

Verify an address or personal details.

Workers Compensation

Check history of workplace claims.

Court Records

Australian and international jurisdiction.

Police Checks

National police checks & certificates.

Working with Children

Status Checks and information on WWC

Background Screening Companies

Looking for a company to conduct background checks on behalf of you or your firm?

Background Check Frequently Asked Questions

Background Check Frequently Asked Questions

A Background Check is conducting research into a persons information, relative to the purpose of the check, and reporting on the findings. It may include a persons past such as criminal record, traffic history and past employment. It may also verify current...

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Criminal Records in Australia

Criminal Records in Australia

If you take a look around the internet, you'd think obtaining Australian Criminal Records was as easy as ordering a pizza. Run a search, pay a fee, instantly discover everything about a persons chequered past. Easy right? The Reality Criminal Records are classed as...

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Device Friendly Upgrade

Device Friendly Upgrade

A much needed overhaul of the site was undertaken over the past few weeks to bring us into the modern era. New design, updated resources and more articles were all on the agenda. Since our last upgrade Background Checks have become the norm and not the exception.. The...

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Conduct a Background Check

Welcome to Background Checks. This site provides information and resources to assist you with conducting a background check within Australia. Everything from verifying a persons right to work, through to criminal records are covered. Whether you’re small or big business, an employment agency, or an individual wanting to know more, backgroundchecks.com.au can help. Get Informed!

  • Australian business suffering fraud 49.5% 49.5%
  • Applicant background checks uncovering an area of concern 28% 28%
  • Business fraud committed by insiders/employees 71.4% 71.4%
  • Police Checks Referred for further investigation 28% 28%

Did You Know?

Of the many surverys and studies performed into resume fraud, results indicate that anywhere between 20% and 30% of all resumes contain at least one lie or fabrication.

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